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IoT pwn2own at HITB

During this years Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam, The S-Unit introduces IoT pwn2own! On Thursday and Friday we will give you the opportunity to pwn various IoT (Internet of Things) devices at our booth. With more and more IoT devices being deployed every day, at your home, work, on the streets and more, security becomes an important part of IoT devices.

To give you the chance to come up with an awesome hack and make the world a better place, we ask you to show your hacking skills and participate in pwn2own! Who doesn't want a fun challenge?! After you pwned a device send us an email with a write-up of the issue you found.

We will look at all submissions and check who is the biggest IoT pwner. Friday around 16:30 we will announce the biggest IoT pwners. The winners will become the new owners of the IoT devices they pwned and the largest pwn will own a special prize. The S-Unit will responsibly disclose all reported issues with the vendors of-course so we can create a safer IoT environment.

Come meet us and happy pwning at Hack in The Box this week!